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Apple Technology Integrated With Dental Lasers

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We love newer, better technology, so it’s no surprise that as of 2017, there were over 85 million iPhone users in the U.S. That’s why CAO group used the sleek technology of Apple in the Precise SHP Soft Tissue Diode Lasers to simplify dental procedures and patient experience.

How the Precise SHP uses Apple 

By taking advantage of Apple’s simple user interface through an app, the Precise SHP Diode Laser gives dental practitioners a variety of tools and resources at the touch of a finger. The Precise app holds 21 presets for procedures, customizability for the laser, procedural training videos and a facetime option for customer support. This will ultimately help you simplify 20 plus procedures without sacrificing patient care and comfort. This laser is completely unique being the only laser on the market that uses an iPod as the laser controls.

Precise SHP app screens

Other Features

The Precise SHP is has sterilized fixed fiber tips for less prep time with each patient. Additional accessories and settings make this diode laser suitable for other services like temporary pain relief, inflammation reduction, or effective teeth whitening.

It’s time to put down your scalpel and see how the Precise SHP Diode laser can benefit your practice.  




Feature photo by Kacper Zaremba on Unsplash

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