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Get More Patients; Simplify Your Teeth Whitening Experience

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We know you are a good dentist. Your patients are happy and you do everything you can to give them the best experience. But with the number of dentists out there, sometimes getting more patients is hard. Instead of turning to another promotion to fill your chairs, turn to a product that can help increase your number of regular patients, improve the patient experience and cut down on chair time per patient.

Sheer White! In-Office is a professional grade teeth whitening strip that simplifies in-office whitening. This unique whitening strip is made from the flexible SheerFilm technology that becomes translucent after the strip is molded to the teeth. Since the strip is adhesive, it holds the whitening formula to the enamel without leakage; all while allowing your patient to talk or even drink cold liquids. It takes one minute to apply, 30 minutes to cure and can whiten up to three shades in this little time.

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This unique whitening experience can also be used as a marketing tool for your dental office. The immediate whitening results of Sheer White! are convincing and compel patients to visit your practice on regular basis. Sheer White! also offers a take-home kit that complements the in-office treatment. By using a 20% carbamide peroxide composition, these strips are a comprehensive at-home whitening solution. Patients should wear Sheer White! for 1 to 2 hours during each application to whiten teeth up to 5 shades in 5 days.

Everyone knows oral health is important and according to a survey from Delta Dental, 85 percent of Americans agree that it’s crucial for a healthy life. Use Sheer White! as a way to tap that market and not only make teeth whitening easier for your office, but to attract those patients with a safer and more effective way to whiten from home.

Visit our website to learn more about Sheer White! In-Office Teeth Whitening or Sheer White! Take-Home.  


Feature photo by MICHAEL FRATTAROLI on Unsplash

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