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How Diode Lasers Help Dentistry

laser procedure in female mouth

A dentist needs the best and most up to date tools especially when it comes to giving your patients the best smiles. But changing your trusty tools is understandably intimidating. That’s why we focus on giving the best information when it comes to helping you find the best diode laser.


Diode lasers are a minimally invasive method in dealing with soft tissue procedures that outshine the effectiveness of the scalpels. Get faster healing time, step away from sutures and stop worrying about adequate coagulation. Some of the most commonly performed procedures with a diode laser include Gingivectomy, biopsy and fibroma removal, hemostasis, abscess care and much more.

Tip for Gingivectomy

If we look specifically at a Gingivectomy, use the Precise LTM laser on 1.2 watts continuous with an initiated tip to accurately sculpt the gingiva. Since the Hemoglobin, melanin, pigmentation, and water are all absorbed by the laser energy; the dentin, enamel, and titanium are not affected. Using a laser in this specific procedure has a distinct advantage over the tried and true scalpel. The laser energy precisely vaporizes soft tissue while simultaneously coagulating the underlying connective tissue resulting with little to no bleeding. Patients also experience significantly less postsurgical pain, little to no swelling and faster healing times.


Laser dentistry has raised the standard in dental care. Not only does this tool simplify soft tissue procedures, but expands the patient scope since it can be used with pacemakers, braces, metal crowns, and more. Consider adding a laser to your practice; not just to simplify your life, but also the patients.


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