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Myths Dentists Need to Know About Online Reviews

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A recent poll on Dental Town showed that 70 percent of dentists who voted believed online reviews were important for their practice.  While it seems more practitioners are getting on board, going through the comments showed that the 30 percent against online reviews are still holding fast to misconceptions about the tool. We want to dispel some common myths about this tool so that every practice can benefit from taking full advantage of their online presence.

MYTH: Millennials are the only ones viewing the online reviews

Don’t be deceived, Millennials are not the only tech-savvy people out there. Pew Research shows that half of adults 50 years-old and younger routinely check online reviews before any purchasing decision. That’s a lot of people who can miss out on your business.

MYTH: One bad review will undo all the good ones

The horror stories are real and there are old clients who have gone berserk while giving a bad review. We hope that this doesn’t befall any of you, but if it does, it’s not the end of your business. No business is scot-free when it comes to unreasonable clients, and people understand that. Not only can these be opportunities to respond and show your diplomatic side, but often times your community will stand up for you and help point out uncalled-for behavior.

MYTH: “Older” docs don’t need them

These are the established dentists who have connections, a presence within their community and have probably already paid off their student loans. But no matter where your practice is, it's important to remember that every business needs some flow of new patients. Ninety percent of consumers read online reviews before they visit a business. With how integrated the internet has become in everyone’s day-to-day, why not nurture your online presence?

MYTH: Reviews only help show people why other people like me

While it's true that reviews are like the word of mouth tool for the internet and the comments people leave are beneficial. But reviews are not a one trick pony. Google reviews can greatly benefit your website SEO. Lots of reviews, high star ratings, and even responding to reviews can help your business appear higher in organic rankings. What practice doesn’t want to come up as the first option when a potential client googles “Local Dentists”?

MYTH: The reviews sound fake and won’t convince anyone

While there is such thing as paying to get fake reviews, people are most often able to tell the difference and know when something seems real. Fifty-one percent of patients are using a search engine to find a dentist and 84 percent of people trust online reviews as much as recommendations from a friend. These numbers are too big to let your Facebook, Google and Yelp reviews fall by the wayside.

The Take Away

You don’t need to stop everything and throw all you have into your reviews online right now. Most things online start small and compound over time. Take the time to ask your patients for reviews, respond and engage, and little by little your online presence will grow.

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