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CAO Group, Inc. Founder Featured on Top Dental Podcast

Densen Cao, Ph.D. was recently interviewed by Dr. Howard Farran, founder of DentalTown magazine and dentaltown.com, on the Dentistry Uncensored podcast. In this interview, Dr. Cao shares his history of how he created Cao Group, Inc. and his background in material sciences and electrical engineering.

In the episode, Dr. Cao discusses his early background in LED technology, his journey to Utah from China, entrance into the dental industry, and inventing and patenting the first LED dental curing light.

Dr. Farran delves into the topic of oral medicament strip technology by CAO Group and its possibilities for improved medicine delivery. CAO's flexible and form-fitting strips can be used to effectively deliver fluoride, whiteners, and medicines that desensitize teeth. Future development includes strips that remineralize enamel, anesthetize, and eliminate bacteria. 

Watch or listen below:

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