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Ascent OL5 LED Curing Light

Ascent OL5 is easy to use with a low profile, lightweight design, four-timer presets, and a tacking soft cure mode. Access to all areas of the mouth - even the distal surface of third molars - is comfortable for both practitioner and patient.

The wide 10 x 13 mm oval aperture of Ascent OL5 allows for a larger curing diameter than most LED curing lights.

Using COA patented technology, 5 LEDs simultaneously saturate the target with a broad spectrum (377-490nm) light capable of polymerizing all light-cured materials used in dentistry today.

With CAO patented technology, the brand spectrum output of Ascent OL5 cures all photoinitiated curing materials.

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Ascent OL5 Owner's Manual

Ascent OL5 Technical Data