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ClearVue LED Light Bulb


  1. ClearVue offers the three key benefits that are distinctive to LED bulbs (Table 1), the first being very low heat emission. This is critical to dental practitioners who may sit under the light for long periods of time. LED bulbs emit just 10%-20% of their energy in heat. Halogen bulbs are notoriously hot –they emit 80% - 90% of their energy in heat. Just 10 minutes after turning it on, the front surface of a halogen overhead light has been measured at over 95°C/201°F. That is nearly the boiling point of water. The lamp with a ClearVue bulb had only reached 33°C/91°F, a temperature that is not uncomfortable to touch with a bare hand.
  2. The second key benefit of LED lights is longevity. A ClearVue bulb is expected to last nearly 50,000 hours[1]. The light intensity of an LED bulb remains consistent until it fails, but with a halogen bulb, the light degrades over time. A practice typically has to replace halogen bulbs every 6 months; an LED bulb will last more than 10 years. The practice not only will have a consistent quality of light for a long period of time but will also save on service to change the light bulb.
  3. The third key benefit is that an LED bulb is also very energy efficient. Its power consumption is about 10% that of a Halogen bulb. That reduced power consumption and the longevity of the bulb result in cost savings for the dental practice.