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Fast Stat

FastStat hemostatic solution stops bleeding creating beautiful restoration margins. Our 10% ferric sulfate gel coagulates faster and rinses absolutely clean reducing or eliminating post-operative discoloration under restorations. The proprietary blend does not bind with ferric sulfate allowing FastStat to contain only a 10% solution with results that are equal to or are better than products containing 20%. Patented FEscrub® Tips with their unique rounded flocked ends enable easy burnishing of FastStat into cut capillaries quickly and gently for complete control of bleeding. 



FastStat – Dr. Randal Hadfield

FastStat – Dr. Michael Koceja

Frequently Asked Questions

What comes in the box?

FastStat Intro Kit (006-00075)
3 - 3cc syringes
50 - FEscrubTips

How do I know that I’ve achieved hemostasis with FastStat?

Burnish FastStat hemostatic agent into the gingival margin with a flocked for comfort FEscrubTip into the capillary opening until bleeding stops. After FastStat is placed and gently massaged into the sulcus, test the preparation with water or even a spray of air. If bleeding resumes, apply additional FastStat into the preparation. Repeat until complete hemostasis occurs.

Can FastStat be used around anesthetic gasses?

No, please make sure to clear all anesthetic gasses from the oral cavity and the operatory before dispensing FastStat.

How fast does FastStat work?

Results may vary depending on patient periodontal and systemic health, yet FastStat is true to its name, by providing complete hemostasis in as little as a few seconds upon application.

Where do I buy the FastStat?

FastStat is exclusively available through Henry Schein.

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