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Frequently Asked Questions for Curing Lights

Things to know about both curing lights

What are the differences between the Ascent PX and the Ascent OL5?

Both the Ascent PX and the Ascent OL5 are exceptional curing lights. The Ascent OL5 light intensity is >800mW/cm2 and the Ascent PX has up to >2000mW/cm2. The Ascent PX is cordless and has a 360° rotating head. The Ascent OL5 is corded for reliable and consistent output. Both are excellent curing lights and effectively cure all photoinitiators.

What is the depth of cure?

The depth of cure is dependent on a number of factors that are less dependent on the light used and more on the materials. Darker color resins require more curing time. Curing thin layers of restorative material or bonding agents requires less time. Microfills require more curing time than micro-hybrids, nanohybrids, or nanofills. Curing through ceramic adds more required curing time. The further the distance the light is placed on the material being cured, the longer the curing takes. Refer to the insert included with the curing materials for recommended curing times for best results.

What cleaning agents are compatible?

Both the Ascent OL5 and the Ascent PX Curing Lights are sealed so it can be surface cleaned and disinfected using an appropriate disinfectant towelette or cloth soaked in surface disinfectant. Below is a list of suggested surface disinfectants. Remember, DO NOT use harsh abrasives. While on the Ascent PX the amber shield provided may be immersed in the solution, DO NOT autoclave or otherwise sterilize these components.

Ascent OL5

Ascent PX



Chlorhexidine gluconate

Chlorhexidine gluconate

70% Isopropyl alcohol

70% Isopropyl alcohol

Water-based phenolics

Dual or synergized quaternary ammoniums

Ascent OL5 LED

What comes in the box?

1 Curing Light Handpiece with Cord

1 100 - 240 V Power Supply Unit (attached)

Disposable Barrier Sleeves

Replacement 250pk barrier sleeves are sold separately (001-00057)

What would I use the Tacking Soft Cure Mode for?

Ascent OL5 is one of the few LED curing lights to implement a tracking mode. In this mode, a clinician is able to set the light for cure times of 1, 2, 3 or 4 seconds. This allows for composites and adhesives to only briefly cure or tack after each layer of composite or adhesive is placed. After all layers of the composite have been placed and final anatomy and finishing are complete, a final cure of 20 seconds on each buccal, lingual, and occlusal surface will achieve complete polymerization, resulting in a more wear-resistant surface.

Where do I buy the Ascent OL5?

The Ascent OL5 is exclusively available through Henry Schein.

Ascent PX LED

What comes in the box?

1 curing light

1 wand (001-00052)

1-3 position charging base (001-00051)

1 power cord

50 disposable barrier sleeves

1 protection shield (001-00060)

Replacement 250pk barrier sleeves are sold separately (001-00058)

What would I use the Boost mode for?

Average light intensity for the Ascent PX is 1500 mW/cm2. Boost mode supports a higher intensity of 2000 mW/cm2 allowing for a fast 5-second cure. It is a fast way to cure brackets, sealants, manage an uncooperative or wiggly child quickly, and more.

How can I address shrinkage when using the Boost mode?

There are a number of ways to minimize the stress of shrinkage: One is to place and cure materials in layers. Another option is to reduce the surface area cured at a time by placing materials in a wedge and allow materials to rest by granting a few seconds of time to pass between cures.

Can the Ascent PX be purchased without the charging base?

Yes, The Ascent PX charging base that is included in the complete kit is capable of charging up to three units at a time. The light-only kit is available exclusively through Henry Schein. Ascent PX LED Curing Light Only (001-00050)

Where do I buy the Ascent PX?

The Ascent PX is exclusively available through Henry Schein.

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