Learn more about Precise Soft Tissue Diode Lasers

Free 1-Hour Live Webinar Providing 1 CE Credit Training

Whether you own a diode laser or are considering a purchase, it’s important to learn why and how you can use this tool every day. In this webinar, Dr. Michael Koceja, of the Center for Dental Laser Education, will explore the clinical applications of a diode laser in the everyday practice of dentistry and provide a realistic approach to improve the clinical outcomes dentists face on a daily basis. 

It will also answer these common questions:

✅ Do you need a laser in your practice?
✅ Does a diode laser do what you’ve heard it can do?
✅ How much training is involved to learn how to use it?
✅ What about cost and which one do you purchase?

Free 1-Hour Live Webinar. Providing 1 CE credit.
Topic; Everyday Uses for Your Diode Laser
Schedule: March 21st, 4 pm MST.

Trainer: Dr. Michael Koceja

Dr. Koceja performs gingival contouring using a Precise LTM diode soft-tissue laser.